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1. What is a balance bike?

It's like a traditional Bicycle but without pedals. A child sits on the bike and push it with his or her feet.

Children learn to balance on the bike without any assistance and also how to steer the bike properly making the transition to traditional two-wheel bikes easier.

2. Why it has foam tires?

Our tires are made of an resistant EVA polymer, which weight half of an air-filled tire.

This make our bike light weight for easy control and maintenance free as they will never go flat

3. How high should the handlebars be?

For a child to be in a comfortable position while riding, the handlebars should be about mid-torso.

4. How high should the seat be?

To get the height right, a child’s feet should be flat on the ground when seated and a slight bend in her or his knees.

5. Why being lightweight is so important in a Balance Bike?

The weight of a bicycle for a small child is critical.

Being able to control and manage the bicycle by their own, vastly improves a child’s confidence, independence and coordinated motor skills.